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Animal Therapy


Animal Therapy

It has been widely acknowledged that the use of animals with the elderly or handicapped can help them cope with the feeling of being isolated and withdrawn, especially if they had a pet before going into a care home. The experience of meeting, seeing and touching our animals always proves very beneficial to the residents; it creates a stimulating and therapeutic activity.

What we offer is that we come and visit you with a variety of animals from the cute and cuddly to the creepy and crawly for the clients to handle, pet and look at, all under the supervision of our trained staff.

Animal therapy can also be used to help people overcome their fears and phobias.  Whether it be handling atarantula or holding a snake we can help. In the past, we have helped people with phobias of anything from the tarantulas to the mice, and the recognition and gratitude we receive is astounding.

For more details into booking our services, the animals involved or our exceptional prices, do not hesitate to contact us!