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We have a variety of owls to rustle your feathers, including our stunning Eurasian Eagle Owl called Amber. Eagle Owls are the largest of the owls and their size makes them one of  the biggest birds of prey. Let Amber stun you with her beautiful feathers, hypnotic eyes and marvel at the size of her.

Ian and Amber

Also meet Tinks our Barn owl, he has the most placid nature and just loves to be petted and fussed over. His soft feathers, friendly nature and heart-shaped face make him a very popular feature everytime!image

Then theres Max, our little Burrowing Owl.  Although she is only 6 inches in height she more than makes up for it in character.  She is very friendly and is ideal for children to get up close and personal with.

We also have several other owls available subject to assessment on the day.